10 Ways to Remain Active in Your Faith Life During College

In a recent blog post on the Catholic Apostolate Center’s Ad Infinitum Blog, Dana Edwards, a recent graduate of the University of Florida, shared with us her 10 Ways to Remain Active in Your Faith Life During College. We encourage you to share these tips with new freshmen, or with your ministers who work in college ministry in order to reach a wide and diverse audience. Click here to read more.

  1. Make friends who challenge you to be your best self
  2. Get involved
  3. Go to Mass every Sunday
  4. Challenge yourself and set goals
  5. Find time every day to pray and appreciate the beauty around you
  6. Call your family and your close friends one or more times a week
  7. Find a mentor
  8. Talk to people at your local church and get involved in the Mass
  9. Search for a church you feel most comfortable going to
  10. Find people to go to church with you

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